Why we help...

  • Individuals

    We all have a unique position of influence. And some of us face disruptive behaviors at work, in public, and even at home. When it comes to our relationships, simple steps can help us take big strides.

  • Businesses

    Large and small businesses face similar challenges. You need to promote safety for all of the people who rely on you. And you need opportunities to develop the employees you rely on to help you.  

  • Ministries

    Ministries face unique safety challenges: regular public events, coming alongside people in hard places, and a need to demonstrate certain values - does what you do and say align with those values?  

  • Government

    Tax services, corrections, public schools, first responders... you face a public in need of your services, but they may not like the message you have to deliver. Your approach will make it clear whether you're an ally or an adversary.

  • Healthcare

    Health challenges are stressful. Physical exhaustion, financial stress, and anxiety caused by uncertainty all increase the likelihood for disruptive behaviors. Your patients, their families, your doctors, nurses, and staff deserve a strategic approach to de-escalation.

  • Education

    Education environments face serious behavior challenges - student aggression, parent concerns, and even staff conflict. Safety is paramount, but these challenges also give you an opportunity to educate. They give you a space to teach others how to address disruptive behaviors.

What we deliver...

  • Courses on Protecting

    Discover your unique position of influence when it comes to promoting safety. 

  • Courses on Leading

    Cultivate your skills in communication, critical thinking, and team dynamics.

  • Customized Content

    Our years of development combined with your unique culture and needs.  

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How we do it...

Developing people.

We've spent decades developing quality content that addresses the challenges people actually face. We deliver content through courses, written resources, and short messages. We focus on principles, strategies, and tactics to impact behavior. We tailor our content to fit your culture and your needs.

Delivering innovation.

We draw on effective, principle-based solutions tested in challenging and vulnerable real-world environments.​ We explore the strengths already existing in your organization. We leverage the genius of our partners helping us deliver beyond our abilities. We look out for your needs and tailor our feedback to help you protect your interests.

A few of the organizations we've impacted...

Some of the most impactful local non-profit organizations


Well-known healthcare companies


One of the most iconic luxury vehicle makers


One of the largest drugstore retailers


The largest hardware retailers


One of the largest public school districts

Some of the largest companies by revenue


Some of the most forward-thinking government agencies


Various hospitality and gaming companies


One of the highest-profile sports apparel companies


The largest sporting goods retailers


Distinguished universities and private schools

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